Australia’s only independent provider of accurate EPG Metadata and TV recording services for Enterprise

YuVu independently curates a comprehensive, electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV.
Our rich EPG metadata is used by local and international enterprises to enhance their services.

YuVu provides a Smart Recording facility using our EPG, giving enterprise customers functions such as series recording, keyword recording and advanced search. These Smart Recording features and functions can be accessed via our IOS and Android apps or a browser. Access to this facility is through an Application Programming Interface (API). This functionality may also be white labeled by an enterprise for use by consumers on their PVRs and similar recording systems.  For customers outside Australia who wish to white label our Smart Recording technology we can ingest overseas EPG metadata.

Our partner company IceTV has integrated our EPG and powerful Smart Recording capabilities into their platforms (PVR/DVR, NAS, PC/Mac Computers, Android/iOS Apps) for use by consumers.


Because we independently curate our data our customers may apply the information to a wide range of commercial enterprises.


Easy integration of selected YuVu functionality, enabling data analysis and speed to market for your products and services.


Increased sales can be generated by using TV data and viewing habits to positively influence a potential customer’s decision purchase your goods or services.


YuVu provides commercial licences to third party businesses to enable them to access our independently curated EPG metadata to enhance their enterprise’s products and services.


Our API enables easy integration of YuVu’s EPG services into your business to maximise the value of the metadata.


Whether you want metadata to analyse, a simple EPG feed for your website or a white-labelled Smart Recording product that you can brand as your own, YuVu will work with you to provide the best solution.


YuVu independently curates a comprehensive, electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV.  We construct the EPG data in such a way that we own copyright and it is free of any copyright owned by any broadcaster.

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