The YuVu EPG is delivered as a XMLTV, XML, MXF or JSON document via the YuVu Web API Service. Using the YuVu Web Service you can download the complete EPG in a single document. From here, incremental changes (or deltas) are provided with each successive download.

If you prefer, your YuVu service can be configured to deliver the EPG at specific times during the day, via secure FTP or HTTP.

The YuVu EPG comes in a variety of formats out of the box, such as the original XMLTV format and Microsoft’s own MXF format for Windows Media Center. New formats can be developed to suit your business requirements.

Along with EPG data, YuVu offers a RESTful API which allows a vendor to add functionality so a user can remotely schedule recordings and utilise YuVu’s Smart Recording services on an YuVu-enabled recording device.

The PVR regularly polls our API for incremental EPG updates. Remote users run an YuVu-enabled app on their smartphone to receive the same EPG updates. The user invokes the app’s Smart Recording features, which our SDK translates into API instructions. These instructions are obtained by the target PVR through the same polling mechanism as for EPG downloads.

To find out more information about EPG & Smart Recording licencing, please contact us.

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